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Descendents of Edward Bangs, George Barton Sr., Charles Blaney, Abraham Howes and Andrew Shields

A Brief Family History

How we all got here...


Map of Prescott County:

Sample family crest; Actual size=135 pixels wide

List of Surnames

Aktinson, Bangs, Bancroft, Barton, Bates, Benton, Bernique, Blaney, Blakely, Bradley, Bradstreet, Brand, Campbell, Cass, Castanees, Cheeseman, Clemens, Conor, Coulter, Dandy, Dangerfields, Davy, Deavy, Donovan, England, Fitzpatrick, Galbraith, Gould, Gordon, Hall, Haniford, Holmes, Howes, Hunter, Ingram, Johnston, Keegan, Kinner, McCashill, McCann, McCimmon, McConnell, McDonald, McRae, McMahon, Murray, Nicholson, Nitschkie, Palmer, Philememe, Ross, Renwick, Shields, Stewart, Stephens, Tapman, Thomas, Waugh, Wells, White, Wilkens,