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Descendents of Edward Bangs, George Barton Sr., Charles Blaney, Abraham Howes and Andrew Shields

Prescott County

Ontario, Canada



The counties of Russell and Prescott are located in Eastern Ontario between 74'30' and 75'30' west
longitude and 45 15' and 45'45' north latitude. The province of Quebec borders Prescott on the east and
the Ottawa river forms the northern boundary of both counties. These counties occupy part of what is referred to as the Ottawa valley, a smooth plain that comprises much of the area of several counties in this part of
Eastern Ontario.

The total land area of Prescott County is 316,160 acres.


The total population of Prescott County as reported by the 1956 Census was 26,291. The population of Prescott County as reported by the 1891 Census was 24,173, with a total of 4,138 families.

Although these counties are comparable in size the larger population in Prescott County may be accounted for by the growth of such urban centres as Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill.

The population of these towns are 7,929 and 1,647 respectively.

Hawkesbury West Township


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