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Descendents of Edward Bangs, George Barton Sr., Charles Blaney, Abraham Howes and Andrew Shields

Family of Abraham Howes and Jemima ???

Abraham HOWES
sp: Jemima ??

Second Generation
William HOWES (b.1799)
sp: Mary Beatrice PALMER (b.1803)
Joseph HOWES
sp: Elizabeth HANIFORD
Robert HOWES

Third Generation

Descendents of William HOWES and Mary Beatrice PALMER
John Tolias HOWES (b.1837)
sp: Ellen INGRAM (b.1839)
Samuel HOWES (b.1823)
Louisa HOWES (b.1825;d.1914)
sp: Robert AKTINSON (b.1819;d.1875)
Samuel HOWES (b.1823)
Louisa HOWES (b.1825;d.1914)
sp: Robert AKTINSON (b.1819;d.1875)
Mary Ann HOWES (b.1832)
sp: Alexander ROSS (b.1824)
Edward HOWES (b.1839)
sp: Margaret INGRAM (b.1843)
Elizabeth HOWES (b.1841)
sp: Neil GALBRAITH (b.1833)
William HOWES (b.1828)
Tobias HOWES (b.1830)
Robert HOWES (b.1844)
sp: Elizabeth BURNS (b.1839)

Descendents of Joseph HOWES and Elizabeth HANIFORD
Mary Jane HOWES

Fourth Generation

Descendents of John Tolias HOWES and Ellen INGRAM
Robert J. HOWES (b.1876;d.1963)
sp: Annie RENWICK (b.1886;d.1973)
Jemima HOWES (b.1872)
Susan HOWES (b.1874)
Alice HOWES (b.1880)
Elizabeth HOWES
sp: William Sr. KEEGAN
Jane HOWES (b.1866)
John T. HOWES (b.1880)

Descendents of Louisa HOWES and Robert AKTINSON
Mary Jane AKTINSON (b.1843;d.1925)
sp: Thomas MILLER (b.1839;d.1864)
Louisa AKTINSON (b.1850)
Jemima AKTINSON (b.1852;d.1917)
sp: Frank Linn BRADSTREET (b.1852;d.1929)
John AKTINSON (b.1852;d.1910)
sp: Evangeline YOUNG (b.1860;d.1888)
Elizabeth AKTINSON (b.1854;d.1936)
sp: Robert NIXON (b.1850;d.1935)
Ellen Mariah AKTINSON (b.1857;d.1908)
sp: Joseph ROSS (b.1853)
Martha Alvira AKTINSON (b.1858;d.1944)
sp: George BRAND (b.1854;d.1879)
Margaret Ann AKTINSON (b.1861;d.1949)
sp: John A. DAVY (b.1857)
Edward William AKTINSON (b.1865;d.1870)
Sarah AKTINSON (b.1845;d.1934)
sp: Samuel DANGERFIELD (b.1845;d.1919)
William AKTINSON (b.1846)
Susan Malinda AKTINSON (b.1863;d.1870)
William Robert AKTINSON (b.1867;d.1949)
sp: Mary ADAIR (b.1871)

Descendents of Mary Ann HOWES and Alexander ROSS
Alisabeth ROSS (b.1858)
Susan ROSS (b.1850)
Joseph ROSS (b.1853)
sp: Ellen Mariah AKTINSON (b.1857;d.1908)
John ROSS (b.1854)
Robert ROSS (b.1856)
Christianna ROSS (b.1860)

Descendents of Elizabeth HOWES and Neil GALBRAITH
George GALBRAITH (b.1875)
Annie GALBRAITH (b.1877)
Janet M. GALBRAITH (b.1879)
Louisa GALBRAITH (b.1881)

Descendents of Robert HOWES and Elizabeth BURNS
Alisabeth M. HOWES (b.1864)
Catherine HOWES (b.1866)
Edward HOWES (b.1870;d.1881)
Martin HOWES (b.1871)
John HOWES (b.1875)
Robert N. HOWES (b.1873)

Fifth Generation

Descendents of Robert J. HOWES and Annie RENWICK
Francis Jemima HOWES (b.1908;d.1995)
sp: Harold BARTON (b.1910;d.1954)
(See Harold Barton for Descendents)

Shirley John HOWES
Florence HOWES
Colin Robert HOWES
Mary Helena HOWES
Anna May HOWES
Lloyd Simon HOWES
sp: Edith M. BARTON (b.1916;d.1992)

Descendents of Elizabeth HOWES and William KEEGAN Sr.
Ruth KEEGAN (b.1901;d.1976)
sp: John Andrew SHIELDS (b.1892;d.1962)
(See John Andrew Shields for descendents)
William Keegan Jr.

Descendents of Jemima AKTINSON and Frank Linn BRADSTREET
Edith Evelyn BRADSTREET (b.1887;d.1978)
Thomas Osborn BRADSTREET (b.1881;d.1881)
Irene Louise BRADSTREET (b.1882;d.1967)
Maude May BRADSTREET (b.1884;d.1964)
Frances Viola BRADSTREET (b.1898;d.1972)

Descendents of John AKTINSON and Evangeline YOUNG
Gertude Priscilla AKTINSON (b.1879)
Ella May AKTINSON (b.1881;d.1981)
sp: Douglas N. CAMPBELLL (b.1873;d.1937)
Herbert L. AKTINSON (b.1885)
sp: Hermina PULFORD (b.1889)
Mattie AKTINSON (b.1883)
sp: Herman DEHRING (b.1879)

Descendents of Elizabeth AKTINSON and Robert NIXON
Cathal? M. NIXON (b.1875)
sp: ??? THATCHER (b.1871)
Albert NIXON (b.1877)

Descendents of Martha Alvira AKTINSON and George BRAND
Beatrice BRAND (b.1880)
??? BRAND (b.1882)
Violet BRAND (b.1886)

Descendents of Margaret Ann AKTINSON and John A. DAVY
Edward DAVY (b.1882)
Edna DAVY (b.1888)
Nina DAVY (b.1891)

Descendents of Sarah AKTINSON and Samuel DANGERFIELD
Jemima DANGERFIELD (b.1867)
William E. DANGERFIELD (b.1869)
Theodore W. DANGERFIELD (b.1871)
Maggie A. DANGERFIELD (b.1874;d.1892)
Della DANGERFIELD (b.1885)

Descendents of William Robert AKTINSON and Mary ADAIR
Myrtle AKTINSON (b.1893)

Sixth Generation

Descendents of Lloyd Simon HOWES and Edith M. BARTON
Connie HOWES
Harold HOWES
Dorothy HOWES
Shirley Ernest HOWES (b.1934)
Camen HOWES (b.1937)
Murray HOWES (b.1938)
Lois HOWES (b.1940)
sp: Jemima UNKNOWN

Descendents of Ella May AKTINSON and Douglas N. CAMPBELL
Gretchen Violet CAMPBELL (b.1904;d.1974)
sp: Alfred Carroll RICHMOND (b.1902;d.1984)

Family Info.

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